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The Infinite Value in One Prayer-

I have watched God raise a dead child back to life through ONE prayer. A litany of prayers wasn't needed...just one prayer. The value of a single prayer is infinite.  Yes, it is true God wants us to pray unceasingly (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) and this must be our working goal. However, if we prayed just one prayer everyday, there is still infinite potential value in that too. Now, that goes without saying, if a prayer is said half heartily and not with the faith required for God to perform the miracles, then the power the prayer should have is greatly reduced. But the prayers of the faithful are strong (cf. Proverbs 15:29).

Just imagine what wonders God can do for His chosen ones (the priests) if we say one prayer for them everyday. What about if we offer up sacrifices for them through out our day too. The potential is endless...We can see the consequences of our sin (lack of praying for the head of our church). Many priests have lost their passion for their vocation and merely see it as a job. Every priest, even the most grumpy priest, is magnificant. Underneath that hardened exterior is the glorious presence of Christ waiting to explode out as a guiding light for us sheep to follow. All they need is our fervent continuous prayers and in time, God will break down the walls they have built and our Lord's grace will come pouring into their souls making them a bold speaker to guide souls to eternal life.

Some priests have forgotten their faith, hardly pray and are offending immensely God while suffering horribly themselves as a result of their and our sins. If a priest does something to offend you, have pity on them (they are tempted by Satan a billion time more than we are). Don't become angry; they need our prayers.Anger is from the and understanding is from God.

We are, to some degree, if we don't pray, also held accountable for the sins of the priests since God wanted to use our prayers to send them grace (help) to combat the evil attacks against them, but through our sins of omission (lack of caring/praying for our priests) many of the priests were over taken by temptation, due to a lack of grace, and are now suffering (really everyone is suffering - when a priest falls out of seeing the light). Our wonderful priests need much prayer so they can be strong in the combat against evil and for those who have fallen so they can repent and decide to change their lives back to living for God alone and find the incredible joy in serving God again. This needs to be a priority...our Church needs us!

All priests are being continuously bombarded with evil which means we must constantly pray for our priests’ sanctification. God is counting on us to do this for His blessed priests.

How to Start a Prayer Group

We have provided you with everything you need to easily begin a prayer group in your church. Please fill out the form below, and we will send you our Praying for Priests prayer kit. The kit includes:

Folder - for organization
Portable Mini - Spiral Bound Index Card Prayer List Organizer
Praying for Priests Pen
Simple Directions
Suggested Prayers
Suggested Fasting and Sacrifices
Sample Gift Cards - with suggested notes to write your priests
Sample Calendar - to organize your prayer group
Flyer/Poster - to encourage others to join you prayer group

Optional tote bag and t-shirts are available for purchase too.

You may also download the Prayer Group Directions, Prayers, Fasting and Sacrifice suggestions, and Calendar for FREE if you don't wish to purchase the kit.

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